The 2024 Presidential election may be the most important in many of our lifetimes, and will have long lasting implications for the future of our country and its citizens. Knowing that, our political leadership appear poised to nominate two ‘outstanding’ candidates who offer contrasting views on a wide variety of topics, but oddly also have many characteristics in common, including that they have both already run for President in 2020.

The chart below is designed to give the American voter a clear vision of what each candidate stands for and who they are. Remember…..every vote counts, unless you are one of the millions of voters who happen to live in a state that always goes Republican or Democrat, in which case your doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of the electoral college. If you live in California or Massachusetts for instance, it really makes no difference if your candidate wins by 1 vote or 10 million votes…..he or she gets exactly the same number of electoral college votes. It's gerrymandering on a national scale.