A famous ghost hunter and speaker was doing some research with a diverse group of people from all walks of life–a doctor, a lawyer, a stay at home mother, a heavy equipment operator, and a farmer who lived far out in the country, to name just a few. It was a group from all levels of society, but all thirty participants shared a common interest in the supernatural:

The first part of the ghost hunter’s lecture was to survey the group, to determine what interactions they had experienced with ghosts. His first survey question was expected…. “ who believes in ghosts?” Everyone raised their hand. Next he asked who had seen a ghost…..again nearly everyone raised their hand. Then he asked how many had actually interacted with the ghost. This time only about half the hands went up. The next question was who had actually touched a ghost: Only four people said they had–the lawyer, the farmer, the stay at home mother, and a truck driver. Finding this extremely interesting, he then asked this smaller group if any of them had felt the presence of the ghost next to them in the night, and this time only the lawyer and the farmer said they’d had such an experience. The last question then was who had actually had sexual relations with a ghost. To everyone’s surprise, and the amazement of the ghost hunter, the farmer raised his hand. “What was it like”, the ghost hunter asked, speaking slowly to hide his excitement. He looked straight at the farmer and asked the question again, this time in the affirmative–”you’ve actually had carnal relations with a ghost”. The farmer looked embarrassed, shook his head slowly, hesitated a moment, and then replied, “I’m so sorry, I thought you said ‘goats”.