Eagle's nest at Kennedy Space Center

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

For a nation that considers itself the leader of the free world, as well as the Cradle of Democracy, it certainly seems we could come up with someone different than the same old candidates for President in 2024 that we had in 2020. It’s not like the population of the US is just 1347 people, and these were the best we could find. 

Nope, these two are who were chosen by their respective political parties to be their candidates to lead the free world; as well as have their finger on the nuclear launch button. And it appears they will be chosen again, to run in 2024.

Strangely, the only possible realistic candidate who could lose to Biden is Trump, while Trump's best chance of regaining the presidency is to run against Biden. Each is hoping to run against the other, which should tell us something.

Information is the lifeblood of Democracy, so as a public service we have prepared the following chart, so each and every voter can know all they need to know to make the best choice possible..