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There is one huge problem with the Internet….and it’s not that anyone can post on it. Multiple opinions are generally good, and if you are inquisitive enough, you can explore all the dramatically different viewpoints on things. What’s bad about information on the Internet is that it can be changed at any time–it’s fluid. A book, on the other hand, is fixed, unless there happens to be some radically different edition published, but even in those cases the old editions still exist. The way back machine doesn’t quite do it for all we’d want to see in the past.

What’s bad, or at least dangerous, is that information on the Internet can be changed. Wikipedia is a great example, particularly when it comes to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and the birth control movement. 

The University of Chicago recently published (9/21/2022) a paper about Ms. Sanger entitled Margaret Sanger: Ambitious Feminist and Racist Eugenicist. Then read the Wikipedia version. This version does as good a job as possible, given its subject’s well documented feelings towards minorities and the “feeble minded”, to make it appear she was mostly just misunderstood. 

So what’s the truth? Probably both. In my opinion there’s no question that she was a fan of eugenics, and the evidence does appear to support that she wanted to limit black populations via birth control, but on the other hand, the work she did founding Planned Parenthood freed women from the tyranny of sex inevitably leading to pregnancy. 

Check out this NPR article….Sanger didn’t try to control the black population’s growth.

As a counterpoint, here’s a letter linking Sanger to Adolph Hitler.

And here’s another describing Sanger’s belief in eugenics

It’s truly amazing how differently people see things, depending upon their personal beliefs and goals.

The point here is that without an unchangeable written record, people will change history to fit their beliefs, either via the interpretation of facts, or even the facts themselves. This is also why free speech is so important.