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Critical Race Theory or CRT places the blame for most of mankind’s brutality squarely on the shoulders of the white race (Caucasians). 

Now, no one in their right mind, who has some knowledge of history and isn’t a moron, can claim that people of European descent haven’t participated in, or caused a lot of severe problems in the world (which is an understatement), but the missing piece of this logical puzzle is that so has everyone else, and when they haven’t quite come up to the barbarism level of Whites, it’s thanks to a lack of opportunity and weaponry, not a sunnier disposition. 

Although this story is appearing in Alien Humor, there’s nothing funny about it other than how ridiculous it is for us to think we are civilized, or any one race is less barbaric..

Starting at the very beginning briefly, every single person alive today has tens of thousands of generations of ancestors, who are 100% genetically identical to us “modern humans” (homo sapiens), going back 200,000 to 300,000 years. And, given our/their dispositions, and the much more difficult challenges in those days of just staying alive by eating, drinking, procreating, and forming tribes, it is as sure as the sun rises that every last one of us has thousands of ancestors who murdered plenty of other people, while raping, pillaging, capturing, torturing and killing people from their own tribe or other tribes, as well as making the people who lost these pitched battles into slaves. 

So, when the historically ignorant among us point out that so and so, who lived 160+ years ago, or maybe eight to nine generations ago, had slaves or participated in the slave trade, the only unusual characteristic of these people is that it happened closer to the present day. Going back as far as there are written records, and no doubt long, long before that, when your tribe lost a war, the women were prizes for the victors and the men, if not killed, were made slaves. The Bible is one of our oldest documents of life 2-3000 years ago, and as you might recall, Moses and Joseph were both born into slavery. In fact, all Israelites were enslaved, having lost a war against the Roman Empire. Slavery is not even remotely a new invention, and in the old days it probably beat the alternatives. 

So we can pretty well state that virtually all humans in all cultures have a whole lot of blood on their hands. In fact, it’s really hard to believe how terrible we’ve been, and how little we’ve learned or changed. A few of the low points in more recent human history, in no particular order, include:

Colonialism and Slavery in Africa: White people took the native population’s land, killed off a high percent of the native population as well as the wildlife, and transported black people from Africa’s interior to various nations, including the Americas and the Caribbean, to be slaves. They were helped greatly in this endeavor by the Black tribes along the coast, who did the actual capturing of other Africans and sold them to Whites with boats. And yes, colonialism wasn’t only in Africa. It was everywhere, including New Zealand and Australia.

A Note on Slavery, with information from the Black Holocaust Museum:

12.5 million Africans were shipped across the Atlantic, but only 10.7 million made it to the other end alive. That’s nearly 2 million people who died on the way across the Atlantic. The ones who made it became slaves:

  • 388,000 went to North America, almost exclusively to the southern, cotton growing states of the old Confederacy.
  • The other nearly 10.3 million went to the Caribbean and South America, including nearly 5 million to Brazil. 

The "settling" of the Americas: The entire native population of North and South America was decimated, as were the immense herds of buffalo. In the case of Native Americans, disease, particularly smallpox, had a lot to do with it too, but the settlers didn’t worry about that much and probably considered it God’s will. They may even have intentionally passed out smallpox contaminated blankets to the Native Americans. In Central and South America there were some relatively large civilizations that were simply wiped out, again due as much to disease as outright war. There is some speculation that these civilizations were already in decline, and some revisionist history books, taking the early explorers' word for it, and assuming they didn’t exaggerate, believe that these civilizations were nicely civilized. I doubt that, since no one else was in that era. For the record there were 30 to 60 million buffalo in North America, roaming the Great Plains, before white people showed up and shot nearly every last one of them.

Darfur: An African against African civil war, The ‘genocide in Darfur’ has been going on since 2003, resulting in over 400,000 deaths. It’s still terrible today. In December of 2021 violence was still escalating, with 6.2 million people needing humanitarian assistance. Lootings, slaughter, rape, murder, starvation, and other atrocities are the hallmarks of Darfur.

Rwandan Genocide: Nearly 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda, in just 100 days, as Hutu militias hunted down members of the Tutsi tribe, in an effort to completely exterminate them. Rivers were full of the floating bodies of the dead, and the main weapons were machetes. The war only ended when Tutsi rebels from outside the country intervened and defeated the Hutus. The west did not step in to stop this civil war. 

From personal experience I can tell a little about the Liberian civil war. At that time I managed a large facility that included a warehouse, and we hired a lot of refugees from Africa, particularly Liberia. It worked out well for us, because we had some extremely overqualified individuals working in the warehouse, including an ex General and the ex Minister of Education, but they had some terrible stories. The ones I remember best were the rebels asking people in their villages if they wanted long or short sleaves...that referred to cutting off just the hands or the whole arm. Absolutely terrible. Working in a warehouse for a bit, as a start on the American Dream, certainly beat where they had fled from.

This list only goes on

  • Pol Pot in Cambodia with between 1.5 and 2 Million deaths in the 'Killing Fields'
  • China’s cultural Revolution under Mao: approximately 27 million people starved to death
  • The Holocaust in Germany where 6 million Jews were systematically murdered, plus many others considered inferior by the Nazis. 
  • The Japanese ‘Rape of Nanking’, where 300,000 Chinese civilians were killed and 20,000 women raped (and murdered afterwards), in just six weeks. There are many contenders for the most vicious genocide, but this might be the winner.
  • The Ukrainian Genocide where 7 million people starved to death because of Russian Josef Stalin’s policies (gives you an idea why Ukraine isn’t fond of Russia)
  • The Armenian Genocide where 1.5 million people were murdered, raped, and mutilated

And don’t forget wars, mentioning just the big ones:

  • WW1–20 million deaths, 10 million wounded. An entire generation of English, German and French men wiped out. And then we did it again!
  • WW2–70 to 85 million deaths, which included many civilians, plus the first atomic bomb dropped

And we can't give Mother Nature a pass either. Beginning in the 14th century somewhere between 75 to 200 million people died of the Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as the Black Death. This plague, which spread geographically primarily by fleas on rats on boats, began in Asia and was spread to most of the known world, including the entire Eurasian continent. The Americas escaped because no one knew they existed.

Smallpox was even worse.

For more information see the The Genocide Education Project

Not much to be proud of in this list.