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UFO sightings, Ghost experiences, and other paranormal encounters will be noted here. Any photos will be great, but of course it's pretty tough to get an actual photo of a ghost.

 This story is from a hairdresser, name withheld: We live in an older, fairly small two story house in rural Massachusetts, and have experienced some odd things. My youngest daughter, only about four at the time, was continually telling me that in the evening she saw a lady in the house who spoke to her from beside her bed, and she described her in detail. She said the lady would come stand at her bed and speak to her, but we pretty much discounted it. However, the lady told my child her name, so we did some research, and sure enough a lady of that name lived in the house 70 years prior. We don’t know if she died in the house, or just liked it there, but the lady, perhaps becoming more at ease with my family, now often speaks, or makes noises around the house, and we’ve actually gotten used to her presence. It’s just a part of our home now, and we aren't surprised when we hear her voice in an empty room. In fact, it’s not at all alarming. It’s just a part of the house. 

 From George Krantz: 

This one I know is true, because it happened to me. It also doesn’t involve ghosts, but it really makes you wonder how much we actually understand about reality.

My father was an active, handsome, intelligent, and highly principled man; who had many friends and his fair share of idiosyncrasies. However, he didn’t leave this earth in an appropriate way. Instead, he died too young from a slow, long struggle with Alzheimer's. For the last eight years he was alive, that’s the only father I knew, and it completely colored my memories of him. Then, about a half a year after his death, I had one of those crystal clear, memorable dreams, and in it my father was about thirty years old, and in his physical prime. The dream was so overwhelmingly real and distinct, that it completely changed my memory of him. Now when I think of him, my mind’s eye vision of my father is as a vital young man instead of how he appeared in the last years of his life. It’s something I was grateful for, but I sure don’t know how it happened. It’s almost as if his spirit came back to me in a dream, to change how he was remembered. I’d chalk it up to just being a dream, but this one was a whole lot more real and memorable than any other dreams I’ve had–I’m lucky if I can remember my dreams two minutes after I wake up. It’s things like this that make me realize there is a lot we don’t know.

 A ghost story told to George Krantz verbally:

We met a nice couple a few years back, who run both a small farm, with vegetables and flowers, in a nice, upscale town in central Massachusetts, but each also had a career (he was a fireman, but I don’t recall what she did). We became friendly with them, and visited each other a couple times. They were 100% normal. However, they were positive their house was haunted, because every night they could hear singing in the house, and they even thought they knew whose ghost it was. At this point it had been going on for years, so they really didn’t even think much of it. It was just normal to have a woman ghost singing in their house. That’s it. I never heard the ghost or saw it, but they definitely believed it. The odd thing about this is that it’s the same deal with the hairdresser ... .it was weird for a while, they wondered what they could do about it, and then they just got used to it, and after a while it was normal.