There have been continual reports of UFO sightings, some of which are quite believable, and now we have ‘whistleblowers’ giving convincing testimony to congress that UFOs are common, and real. Some people claim that the US government actually has an alien spacecraft in its possession. 

Because of this, there’s now speculation that aliens have visited earth, or may even be among us now. Built into this is the idea that these highly advanced aliens want to meet us. But why would they want to meet us, or care to know what we think about things? Maybe they’d rather meet with porpoises or elephants. From the viewpoint of any sort of creature who can traverse interstellar space, we’re not going to seem much different from all the other animals on this planet, except in bad ways– we’re the top predators, won’t control our population growth, are incredibly vicious, are trashing the planet, and are just smart enough to be dangerous to the entire planet. Humans with the ability to split atoms is like giving a small child a book of matches and telling him to go play in the hay loft.

The fact this UFO phenomena has been documented, and is accepted by pilots in the air force, could mean that the universe’s speed limit of “C” can be circumvented (alien craft got here somehow), or that time travel is possible (perhaps these “tic tacs” are from our future), or that some country like China has built some amazing drones. 

Of one thing we can be absolutely positive about–there are bazillions of stars and planets in just the known universe, so there is zero chance that life on earth is the only life in the universe.

In any event, we might be just about to experience a “Columbus” type event, which was fine and dandy for Europeans, but the beginning of the end of their entire world for native Americans.