Getting this website organized is like cleaning up your cabin after the brown bears paid a visit.

A photo taken by a friend of ours, inside of a hunting cabin located deep in the Alaskan wilderness, on the back side of Denali National Park. Grizzlies are the worst house guests imaginable. Check out the other photos.

About Alien Humor by George Krantz


First, my apologies for completely messing up the launch of this website. I was caught off guard by two factors:

I misjudged my ability to create a website in Joomla, which turned out to be pretty damn complicated, to put it mildly. I’m a writer, not a computer wiz……I mean really….what a moron!

Worse, but great, the website, as poorly as it worked, turned out to be extremely popular, sending me into a catatonic state since there were about 22,000 hits on the stories. Instead of rising to the occasion, and writing my brains out, I simply tried to keep up a few days and then took it off line.

So, welcome to the relaunch of

We don't have an actual mission statement, but there are goals. 

  1. To be both funny and serious
  2. To explore ideas having to do with the vast universe beyond earth 
  3. To explore humanity, as we would appear to aliens (often making a huge mess of things)
  4. To examine UFO sightings and try to make sense of them (there’s no question that UFOs (or a rose by any other name, UAPs) exist.
  5. To make this f%& website work properly

So, why am I creating this website? Because we are the dominant species on this beautiful planet, and humor is how we can best deal with some of the terrible things going on. Gallows humor can be quite funny. And, I personally am positive we’re not the only intelligent life in the universe, and I’m nearly as positive that alien visitation has and continues to happen. Maybe what aliens are doing here on planet earth is filming a hit tragic comedy TV show for some vast alien civilization.

There is a serious side to this website too:

Perhaps the worst aspect of the latest religious revival du jour, the Woke Movement, is that it prohibits laughter and jokes, replaced with outrage and blind belief in its tenants. In this, it has more in common with the 1600s than recent history. In those early days, as the late middle ages faded into the modern era, people were tortured for not believing the earth was flat and burned alive for being witches. Canceling and losing your livelihood is its modern equivalent. Or if you are in China and the wrong religion, it’s off to the concentration camps. And the Middle East, the cradle of human civilization? The killing never stops.

But humor is important. In many ways planet earth is on a knife’s edge, where a little too much tilt the wrong way will dump us all into the fire. That’s why being able to talk about and see what’s really happening, and understand what did happen, is so important. We look back on past generations and think they were terrible, which they were by today’s standards. Our major civilizations wiped out the Native Americans, killed each other by the tens of millions in world wars, utilized slaves, killed all the buffalo, dropped atomic bombs, starved their own citizens, and marched outsiders into concentration camps. All that is plenty bad, but it’s still nothing compared to the legacy the current generation might experience: a massive nuclear war, dead oceans, wiping out all other species of animals, deadly plagues, and/or overpopulation. It can always get worse, so we’d better laugh, pay attention and do something, so we don’t have to cry later.

Pillars of Creation from the Web telescope

Photo courtesy of NASA


Let us know your thoughts via comments or contact us, and thanks for joining us on this journey.