Why Alien Humor?

“I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all." Abraham Lincoln

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How to solve the racial and economic divide on standardized testing. Increase your word power with Vocabulary Building Pornography....his "basilic bole blazoned its esurient animus"
What’s particularly humorous (or “risible” for those who do well on the SATs) about this, is that it actually works. Due to a lack of effort in college, combined with attending a school that did not give grades, it was important for George to do well on the GREs. However, studying vocabulary words isn’t exactly exciting or invigorating. However, mix in a little porn, and it’s not so bad. George got himself an 810 out of a possible 800, all thanks to VBP.
Why do most non-predator animals travel in herds? At first glance you’d think it makes it way easier for a lion to snag a zebra if there’s 5000 of them going by
Odd Thoughts: UFOs and Aliens: There have been continual reports of UFO sightings, some of which are quite believable, and now we have ‘whistleblowers’ giving convincing testimony to congress that UFOs are common, and real. Some people claim that the US government actually has an alien spacecraft in its possession. Because of this, there’s now speculation that aliens have visited earth, or may even be among us now.
Find out what is driving Mr. Krantz absolutely f.... nuts this week. Will it be the government, private industry, high tech, or something else?
There is a big difference between 'understanding' and memorizing. The classic example of this is that many people know Einstein's equation E=MC2, but just about nobody knows why that's true. In this section you'll find some attempts to explain scientific knowledge in an understandable way....and possibly incorrect way, but we'll try to avoid that.
If we look back at human history, a lot has happened by accident, from medical discoveries to strange factors that have influenced the outcome of wars. It sort of makes you wonder.
There are plenty of jokes out there, but this column is devoted to jokes that require some thought to 'get'. Plenty are off color but not all. A few are political. These will be added to if someone sends us more of them. Giving credit where credit is due, but keeping names obscure, a number came from a renowned surgeon who also teaches at an Ivy League institution.